Why we are, Who we are

A dynamic enterprise with a mission to provide the most insightful energy market analysis tools to a large audience

Our Philosophy, Our Strategy

A contribution to the world

With our modelling, we aim to provide genuine insight whose reliability goes beyond the usual. We go the extra mile because of our conviction that the answers to the continuing energy transition and evolution matter to both, you and the world at large.

We aim to be uniquely independent and transparent

Uncompromisingly independent

We are keen to analyse your scenarios and questions at hand. Our Oxford Energy Economics scenarios, in turn, correspond to the future state of the world we see as representative, derived from the realistic-as-reasonable modelling we are doing.


We will tell and show you in detail what we can and cannot do. We provide you the data allowing you to readily endorse the consistency of our analysis.

Open to debate

Our goal is to learn along with our users and clients in order to create the greatest tools & insights out there.

Team 2018

Oxford Energy Economics aims to be a place for intrinsically motivated talents, combining knowledge particularly in economics, statistics, programming, engineering and natural sciences.

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Florian Habermacher, PhD econ & MSc Env. Eng. Founder.

Florian Habermacher has 10 years experience in energy market analysis and led the modelling of a major energy modelling company. He holds a PhD in economics written at University of Oxford & University of St. Gallen, background in game-theory, public finance, statistics, climate economics & environmental science.

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Xiaochen Wang, PhD*, Data Analyst

Xiaochen obtained his BEng Materials Science and Engineering from Imperial College London. After that, he graduated with a distinction degree in MSc Materials for Energy and Environment from University College London. *Recently, he passed his PhD viva in Materials from the University of Oxford. At OXEE, Xiaochen enjoys using his quantitative and growing programming skills in his work as data analyst.

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