About Florian Habermacher, Founder of OXEE

Florian Habermacher has written and led the development of various dynamic energy and electricity market models for 10 years. While he always loved maths, computation, and environmental sciences, he switched from engineering to writing a PhD in economics & finance as he found the adoption of well known tech to big problems is hindered by the lack of the socially adequate incentives.

His PhD, written at University of St. Gallen, CH, and University of Oxford, UK, was dominated by work on dynamic resource extraction and climate economics modelling, as well as statistical and game theoretic work. While leading the development of energy market models in a successful energy market analysis company, he specialized notably in the most complex questions of electricity market modelling and economics.

The models whose development he led have been applied in a very large number of projects for owners and investors of all types of energy infrastructure projects, investment banks, government institutions, from small up to the largest energy and electricity companies worldwide and in Europe.
Among his more far-fetched goals figures to model how we came to call ourselves conscious.

"I founded Oxford Energy Economics not mainly because of a decade-long experience in energy market modelling. But because of a vision of a modelling unit uniquely combining key criteria for a long-lasting positive impact for clients and the world, a firm with a positive mission in this era often marked by short-sighted decisions. Careful and ingenious where it matters to get reliable projections and thorough understanding. Yet pragmatic, focusing on those elements that really drive system & participant outcomes, ensuring our methods remain flexible for rapid innovation. Definitely independent, withstanding market pressure for any particular forecasting results. Transparent, allowing constructive challenge to foster our own innovation."


Contact Florian : florian@oxee.co