Simulation Models & Statistical Tools

Our agile tools, your advantage, bringing energy market analysis to the next level

We create tools to support longer-term energy market analysis and for for near-term optimization. Often electricity is core, and we aim to make markets for other energies and services integral part.

Our long-term models are simulations of sufficient detail to realistically capture the behavior of different market participants & their impact on the system. We take great care to make our models reliable and realistic, but equally flexible and computationally efficient. This allows us to innovate and work on new challenges rapidly.

Our models: Solve your questions, raise new ones, inspire and provoke you.

Questions analysed include the evolution and adoption of technologies, market prices and financial bottom line, environmental impact and system reliability, ideal policy making and market strategies.
We custom develop the relevant algorithmic cores ourselves, benefiting from various traditional fields including numerical optimization, economics and modern statistics. Our architecture allows us to simplify problems that otherwise are often intractable at the scale required for fine-grained analysis. It provides great flexibility how different market participants interact, an advantage with us if we model innovative policies, technologies, or business models for you.

For near-term optimization we derive time-series of best-estimates for any given period's market prices. This forecasting is dominated by advanced statistical and machine-learning techniques, applied with genuine care to meticulously differentiate between noise and statistically relevant signals. We do not simply apply known methods, we extend them and develop new ones that fit the questions at hand.

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