Your Energy Market Experts

Our expertise covers all domains key for systematic simulation & analysis of energy markets

Our experience covers all major aspects of quantitative energy market and policy modelling and advice. We combine market understanding with expertise in optimization, game & incentive theory, finance, statistics & ML, computation and some hint of AI, which inform our fundamentals and statistical modelling.

While we are theorists with in-depth methodological knowledge, we have long-standing experience in the art of modelling as the simplification of reality where it pays off without affecting core insights.

We combine understanding of electricity and resource markets, to build tools with often electricity at the core. We aim to allow for sector-coupling and fuel market feed-backs.

We aim at the ideal mix of detailed theory & pragmatism to really answer the questions that matter.

Our current work has a strong focus on the European electricity systems. We have exhaustive experience in extending and applying models for use in new environments, having equally been involved in modelling systems in places as diverse as Asia and the Middle East.

We are experienced in modelling the interplay between linked market segments and how actors move between them. Discuss with us the interplay between capacity markets, wholesale, balancing, frequency response, as well as incentives for embedded generation and self-consumption.

We have extensive experience in using our economics & quant for analysing policy & strategy options along with private or public market actors.

We routinely work with ambiguous data, where the challenge is in extracting insightful information separated from the noise.

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