Our Services

We aim to be your foremost specialist for systematic energy market simulation & analysis

Our core aim is to provide the most insightful quantitative modelling tools for complex long-term and near-term scenario building and analysis.

First and foremost, we build insightful models.

These tools provide support on a range of complex quantitative & strategic topics in electricity and energy markets. Among our key assets are long-term market simulations in unusual detail & flexibility.

Use them independently to analyse your own scenarios.

Prices, quantities, financial bottom line, environmental impact, ideal strategies & policies, technology evolution, risks - our models & methodological approach let us flexibly focus on core aspects of your interest.

Analyzing the evolution of energy systems, market conditions, and implications for participants - and building the corresponding tools - is our core activity.

In addition to using our fundamental and statistical market modelling and forecasting tools in our own work, we aim to offer them for independent use by you as partner, letting you create and assess own scenarios.

We aim to stand out for independence and transparency.

We are keen to develop longer-term collaborations, working closely with partners interested in the development of tools to investigate even more subtle questions in the energy space.

In all our work, we pride ourselves not only of aiming at high quality, but equally of fierce independence and transparency, about what we can and do deliver. While stories matter, our target audience shares our conviction that the numbers within those stories are relevant for our common success and for a more broad positive impact.

While stories matter, the numbers in them are equally relevant to our target audience.

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